img If you bought a game and the download failed, please verify that:
img -You have enough credit on your prepaid account to download a game.
img -You have enough free memory in your phone.
img -You have enabled the option to install applications to your phone.
img -You have a stable, uninterrupted signal.
img If you bought a game and you accidentally deleted it, you can re-download it for free within 7 days of purchase. Access the "My Downloads" section to re-download your games: My downloads
img If you have questions or concerns about your phone service, please contact Rogers customer service.
img If you have questions about compatibilities or need additional information on our games, please access our website at from your computer.
img If you still need additional assistance with your game, please contact our Customer Care department by sending an email to or by phone at 1-800-961-6744

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